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Enlarge Your Pout With Simple Tricks

Enlarge Your Pout With Simple Tricks

If youre sad, add more lipstick and attack” – Coco Chanel

Everyone seems to want to change the shape of their lips - hence why the lip filler industry is booming right now. We all want that iconic pout that adorns the lips of every Kardashian-Jenner and countless celebrities beyond. But, if you’re less than blessed in the lip department, how can you create the illusion of a bigger pout without succumbing to the needle?

You DO NOT need lip fillers to have bigger and fuller lips, you just need to understand the wonder of lip liners and a little lip contouring!

Bigger lips often give people more confidence, they appear sexier and they give you a larger canvas for using lipstick. Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with thinner lips, if you really do want a poutier smile, it’s easy enough to do.

Tip 1 - Look After Your Lips

First things first, you need to lay the groundwork and that means looking after your lips. Exfoliation isn't just something you do to your body, your lips need a little scrub every so often too.

Exfoliating the lips gets rid of any dead skin cells and any of those annoying bits of skin which tend to stick up and appear during colder weather. This gives you a smoother canvas for your lip product, without any dragging or flaking. Flaky lips also don’t reflect the light as well as smooth lips do, which could be making your lips look a little on the smaller side without even realising it.

In addition, exfoliation encourages the blood to rise to the surface of the skin, giving you a naturally plump pout! Once you’ve exfoliated, you’ll need to hydrate your skin, just as you would your body after you exfoliate. That means using a nourishing but not too heavy balm, to add in extra moisture and help to boost the overall health of your lips.

Tip 2 - Grab a Lip Liner

Lip liners are your friend. If you’ve always looked at lip liners with dread, worrying they will make you look like something that just stepped out of the 80s, it’s time to get over your fear. We’re not going to use a lip liner that doesn’t match your lipstick or your lip colour, therefore heading back to that horrendous 80s and 90s trend of extremely obvious liner. Instead, we’re going to naturally over-line the lips, to make them look naturally bigger!

It’s an extremely clever trick and it’s one which celebrities use all the time. All you need to do is find a lip liner which either completely matches the natural colour of your lips, assuming you're not going to wear any lipstick, or one which completely matches the lipstick you’re going to wear. Incidentally, matte lipsticks are always better when you overlain, as they’re less likely to move around and make your trick look obvious.

First, add a very small amount of concealer around the outer edge of your lips and blend in carefully. This helps to blur the line between skin and lip. Once you’ve done that, give it a few minutes to dry and grab your lip liner. Trace just outside of your natural lip line, but not too much. You might be tempted to go all out here but remember that your lips need to be in proportion with the rest of your face! When you’re not used to having larger lips, it’s also going to appear strange to you at first. It’s better to work slowly here and go just outside.

Once you’ve traced your lips carefully, making sure that it’s even, you simply fill in your lips with a completely matching lipstick, or if you want to save product, you can just use the lip liner and colour in the rest of your lips. Do be aware that lip liners might dry out your lips if you do this so it’s not advisable all the time and use lip balm to rehydrate once you take off your makeup.

Tip 3 - Line Your Lips With Concealer

Another good trick to add definition, especially aft you’ve over-lined with a lip liner is to use a concealer brush and a small amount of concealer - ‘small’ is the key word here! You literally want to just trace a very small and very well blended line around your lips to add definition to the shape.

Using these few tricks will give you a pout to be proud of without having to venture towards fillers. Whilst there is nothing wrong with having fillers if you really want them and you have no contraindications against them, it’s always better to go down the natural route if at all possible. Of course, fillers are also expensive and we’ve all heard horror stories of when they go wrong …

Points to Remember:

  • You do not need to have fillers to create larger lips!
  • Exfoliating your lips will keep them in good condition and naturally boost your pout due to extra circulation
  • Over lining is one of the most successful ways to create a bigger pout
  • Use a lip liner that suits your natural lip tone or one which completely matches your make up
  • Matte lipsticks are better for use with over lining
  • Define the outer portion of your lips with a very small amount of concealer for definition

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