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Bright Crystal Coloured Contact Lenses - 90 days replacement

Bright Crystal Coloured Contact Lenses

  • 2 Lenses per box

  • Free Contact Lens Case with every Box

  • Replacement: 3 Monthly

Coloured contact lenses can enhance or change the natural colour of your eyes. Colourvue coloured contact lenses come in many colours and styles. Some are designed to give a subtle eye colour change while others give you a more dramatic look. Our popular Big Eyes lenses, for example, don’t just change the colour of your eyes, they also make them look bigger to give you that dolly eyes look.

TGA Approved



Material Hydrogel Terpolymer
Size B.C: 8.6mm, DIA: 14.0mm
Water Content 45%
Centre Thickness (@ -3.00DS) 0.06mm
Oxygen Permeability 22 (Dk/t)
Tint Sandwiched colour method
Power Plano (non-prescription)
Packaging 2 lenses per box
Replacement 90 days
Bright Crystal Coloured Contact Lenses